Something really cute & sweet happened just now ^^ a cute little girl of about 5 has seemingly been waiting for hj at the film site (Icheon). HJ was busy filming and only exited his building when night fell. Of course, he was immediately followed by fans ;p as he was manoeuvring his way to the other building with fans around him, the young girl appeared and greeted him loudly ‘oppa annyeong haseyo!’ Super cute! What’s even sweeter is… HJ visibly slowed down, looked around for the girl, found her, paused, and replied really softly and sweetly, ‘ah… annyeong’ ^^


Hyun Joong and Kim Seo Kyeong
High school friends reunited through acting in Inspiring Generation


Dumb & Dumber


Kkiyakkakka ~

【EN TRANS :: KIMHYUNJOONG Talks at FanMeet :: Part1】

1. Q : Has your life changed after filming the drama?
A : I am trying to naturally bring out ‘Jung Tae’. Jung Tae is quiet, not talkative, isn’t he a better person than me in his life?
2. Q : How about your action scenes?
A : I am okay if I got some scratches during the action scenes. The opposite actors also got beaten up so I don’t only pay attention to my small scratches. Recently, I have danced in front of mirror at home, I felt weird and even wondered if I was a dance singer. (Which meant Hyun Joong is so absorbed in the drama character.)
3. Q : (When you are getting beaten in the action scenes) does that really hurt?
A : We prepare this and that not to happen any accident. I have not got serious injured, so please don’t worry.
4. Q : What scene have you had most trouble with?
A : The first action scene that I took for 2 days in the rain. (HJ, pointing at the poster) Look, this white steam around my shoulder on the poster, that’s really from my body not special effect.
5. Q : What’s your favorite scene?
A : I’ve not thought of it yet. It’s aired only 10 episodes so far, and we have episode 11 to 24 to show. I am looking forward to next scenes and everyday I am acting, I am thinking like ‘this will be my favorite and best scene.’
*@akira6171 translated Japanese fans accounts into Korean and I translated that into English, so it might be little different from Hyun Joong’s original talk.
Thank you
credit: @howlovelylala

KHJ Fan Meeting In Seoul today updates: 2-15-2014 cr: @lalamam127

*** After the drama, Hyun Joong will release album both in Korea & Japan. He will also plan to have a tour. Big News!
1) FanMeet venue
2) HyunJoong posters outside the venue
3) Inside the fanmeet venue
4) KHJ FanMeeting in Seoul presents for participants
5) “High Touch” with the fans ハイタッチ️
English translations by @lafone0606 RT@lalamam127:
***1)After the drama, Hyun Joong will release album both in Korea & Japan. He will also plan to have a tour. Big News!
***2)Next week there may be another kiss scene with Okryun,which has not yet been shot.
***3)What HJ does first when he’s back at home is “just open the door”, lol
***4)HJ sees the legs of the girl with whom he first meets, as he’s so shy that he can’t see her eyes.


I see the show has remembered why we’re here, and is now giving us a shirtless Hyun Joong in each episode.

Well done, show. You have my blessing as you continue your effort to raise viewer ratings.


Leader lost in his own World x)