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Today at 7:16 PM
OMG! The news about KHJ gives me this sudden sadness and a lot of other emotions. But I knew in my heart that it isn’t true at all.
And if in case there’s some truth to this accusations then i want to stay by your side. I may be a…

44-50/100 of Kim Hyun Joong


[Fan Pic] HOT SUN Handshake Event @ Namba, Japan  (20.06.2014)

Credit : MudererQ


Hot Sun is the top selling single.
So proud of our Leader. ^^


What can I do with this man is so pretty 😩❤️❤️❤️ (at kim hyun joong)

Something really cute & sweet happened just now ^^ a cute little girl of about 5 has seemingly been waiting for hj at the film site (Icheon). HJ was busy filming and only exited his building when night fell. Of course, he was immediately followed by fans ;p as he was manoeuvring his way to the other building with fans around him, the young girl appeared and greeted him loudly ‘oppa annyeong haseyo!’ Super cute! What’s even sweeter is… HJ visibly slowed down, looked around for the girl, found her, paused, and replied really softly and sweetly, ‘ah… annyeong’ ^^


Hyun Joong and Kim Seo Kyeong
High school friends reunited through acting in Inspiring Generation


Dumb & Dumber